Postmodern Qualms

When modern intellectuals sneer at the seemingly self-righteous and superstitious claims to truth by various religions (in particular, at the monotheistic ones), they forget that they themselves subscribe to a religion of sorts. When they say, “God is dead” and exult to the highest heaven and cosmos that scientific research and empirical observation has liberated us from such moribund and backwards religious traditions, their lip service is to Science and prize her conclusions and theories as the only truth worth considering and others moot. I would not go so far and draw comparisons between religious rituals and scientific methodology, but the empiricist who says, “I have no God” neglects to mention that he has replaced Him with another idol.

The disenchantment of the world has been an ample point of critique for many postmodernists (and whatever romanticists there may be left). However, these little reflections are meant to examine Truth, which is like a precious diamond, which consists of many facets. The diamond is worth more in one piece, but we cannot simply leave it as a lump of ore. We must chip away at it and put effort into brushing away the dirt, so that we are sure to increase its value and clarity. In no way do I wish to undermine any of the particular truths that are produced by science, but seek to present every feature of this diamond on equal terms in its proper light.

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