The Enlightened Voter

Project Apathy

It’s groups like these that we desperately need.

I was watching a clip of the O’Reilly Show the other day, where he was interviewing Jon Stewart from the Daily Show. Ol’ Bill was calling all the viewers of Stewart’s show quote “stoned slackers who love Obama”. I suppose this refers to Stewart’s attraction of a college student-aged audience, which would include me. I’m not entirely sure that I enjoy being called a “stoned slacker” after studying IR for three years and working through school, much less any other college or university student or anyone else for that matter who loves to watch Stewart. We’re the next generation of voters (hell, we CAN vote) and I think the content of the show itself requires a relatively sober mind to be able to keep up with the nuances in American politics.

Political comedy is the aqua vitae of democracy. Not only does it educate and keep people aware of current affairs, but it actually educates the voter. It lets him or her think critically about his or her political participation and the weight of his or her voice on the grand scale of the national community, as well as the implications of what he or she is voting for. The voter turnout drops every election because we just don’t care anymore. We let senior citizens decide our fate. I’ll admit the charism of Obama had brought more people to the polls, but do we honestly need charismatic leaders to inspire our people to love their electoral freedoms? So O’Reilly, let Stewart poke a few jokes and stir the crowds! I’m tired of hearing from old, white men.

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