Suspending Time

My comprehension of the notion of eternity came fairly early in life. I was standing amid the exquisite verdure of a man-made island in the middle of a clear river that flowed through Stratford, Ontario. I was alone or my friends had passed on without my heeding their departure. Motionless, I watched the water’s flow, listening to its music, though a silence had fallen and covered all my mortal senses. I was unconscious of my breath, the time, aught else that moved, save that to stay there was inexplicable bliss.

Eternity is the notion of standing still while Time, Existence, History flows onward at its own excited, rushing pace. When we seek the objective, the Platonic form, we seek to know things as they truly are, whether they can be corrupted, transmuted,  or faded into obscurity. It is why we desire Beauty, Goodness, Truth, even Love to take on that immovable character, where all else passes in its course.  This is not to say that life or mortality itself are worthless things or imitations of the true forms (however weak) are cheap counterfeits, but it is the notion of eternity that gives such subjects their value and power. Our experiences of “perfection” are really the revelation or gift of an “eternal moment”, where Time stops and Mortality stays that we may reach at the sublime.

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