A Universal Language

When you get down to it, all you’re describing is the vibration of air molecules, and how the pressure waves happen to resonate. If the emotional tie is ingrained in us, how would it have evolved? – Taken from Metafilter

Response: I hate the disenchantment of the world.

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake

Is our emotional tie to music somehow inhuman if it not computable? Unfortunately for computationalists and physicists like Sheldon Cooper out there, the power of lyric-less music lies not in its “vibrations and waves”. If they really wanted something computable in music, I suppose they could examine the mathematical measurements of the rhythm and the logical breakdown of an orchestral written piece. However, the real psychological phenomenon is how it is able to call up images to the mind, how the tones may be understood universally, and how it evokes emotional behaviours without concrete cause.

Moreover, language is used as a practical tool for sophisticated communication. Is not physics or programming just as much symbolic on paper and avant-garde in its implementation as music? Can we not then call music the highest form, due to its complexity and ability to transcend language itself to communicate with the higher senses of human thought? For the exultation over solving a complex math problem must surely be on par if not surpassed by the exhilaration of listening to a classical masterpiece?

To spin this argument on its head, is not music then part of human biology if its understanding is indeed ingrained a priori in our human makeup? What is humanity without intuition and inspiration, if not robotic?

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