In Our Defence

It is better to love than to bear hatred toward anyone. It is better to show compassion and forgiveness than to wallow in bitterness and self-pity. It is better to understand human failing and the nature of mercy than to condemn and cast the first stone. Above all, the choice to renew one’s life and to strive again at perfection (even daring at the angelic, the divine) is better than living in misery and regret, no better than the street curs.

For it is not emotional weakness  or simplicity of mind or lack of character strength that motivates us to choose these intuitions, these passions, these virtues over others, which may be driven by hubris in their negative counterparts (i.e hatred,  stubbornness, etc). Nay, if not to spare us further pain for consequences already paid in full, these virtues do spur us to rebuild our own humanity and to reach at that lofty eudaimonia, that one may say with perfect peace and presence of mind: Yes, I made the right choice as judge of my affairs and my own happiness.

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