A Brief Criticism of Advertising as a Career

Does anyone honestly expect to achieve any great goals for humanity by such employment? For all of us who have grown up in a capitalized, commercialized society, we hardly know what it’s like to not have all-pervasive marketing schemes bombarding us daily in our media, telling us to buy products that sooner or later become obsolete, that are unnecessary in every way, or that set up another caste system between the haves and have-nots. The mantra to “buy” without thinking is considered a good thing in terms of a win-win situation for consumers and manufacturers – the customer gets something he or she is told to want in subliminal or direct advertising and the manufacturer makes a profit, sometimes at a grotesque rate: siphoning off the incomes of hard-working families and individuals. The ability to anticipate trends or the opportunitities to market great products has nothing to do with “good” advertising, since it is often the advertising that dictates the market, convincing the people (in a proletariat sense) through the powers of persuasion what to buy. We can throw our hands up in despair and call it all lies, but I believe a truly “good” advertiser is he or she who creates awareness ads concerning public issues or promotes benefits for the common welfare aside from the greedy ends of a conglomerate or multinational business. Here’s a few models:

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