A Beautiful Nightmare

One day, they carried him across the sea

So that my grief would last an age.

My tears, day and night, I knew he heard

For two spirits were never so twinned as we

But no reply did come across the waves

Nor sigh nor sign to ease my fevered thoughts

For I near died upon that pale beach

To think that all was lost to me.


A glimpse, a shade, in the glimmering dark

In the brief chill of a passing vision

I saw your face through the mists anon

The ocean depths which filled your eyes

That spoke of pain and separation

Those white and parted lips that plead

With whispers, calling for their mate

Oh how my spirit leapt in horror!


For no sooner did that vision show

Then did the darkness close around it

Swallowed up in haze to leave me pining

For some spark to kindle in an empty soul

To think that they were not so cruel to take you

From that redemption known alone to us

Found in that sweet sanctuary called the heart

That you had rendered homage to…

-Excerpt of Verses VII, XII, XIII, Written by N.G.

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