New Year’s Resolutions

Last year, I resolved to just live my life and seize the moment: encapsulated in that latin phrase CARPE DIEM! Resolution fulfilled, but I think I lived my life to its fullest a little too well. This year, it feels like I’m trying to regain something that I’ve lost, that all too familiar grasp at redemption. I rarely share my personal aims, but I think this year I will resolve to “stick to my guns”, that is, hold to my ideals/practice what I preach/be a virtuous woman in the Aristotelian sense. Perhaps such a goal is beyond my frail powers, but in a sense, I’m not bettering myself  (which the majority of resolutions tend to be) , but recovering lost moral ground in my case. Self-redemption is extremely rare, if existent at all. Last year, I had a lion’s heart. This year, I will allow myself to have the wings of an eagle, to see all my actions with a true eye and rise above the baseness within myself to climb the heights of ambition, honour, justice, and integrity to be who I once was, perhaps more.

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