Diversify Your Reading

Having run into an educated colleague recently, I have found it necessary to contemplate the utility of reading more than one perspective on a topic, whether it be diversifying your authors or diversifying your content. As I mentioned in one of the earlier posts in this blog, the purpose of my musings is to “find the truth” in the abstract philosophical sense. Such a statement assumed that objective truth exists and because it exists, it inspires an obligation to search it out in order to better our understanding of the world and also for its own sake. From there, this inspires further obligations to an ethical code, a certain form of praxis or code of conduct as you will (since humans are organisms of action and reaction).

For many years, I have favoured the habit of reading newspapers from all over the world in order to better my understanding of world events from different perspectives. In this sense, truth is rarely found in its pure form, but rather we are exposed to its different facets (like the diamond analogy). As Kant mentions, humans are unique in their ability to synthesize a priori cognitions with empirical fact, so that we are the true connoisseurs of what is valid/invalid, logical/illogical, true/false, fact/bullshit.

Here is a list of the newspapers I follow, as ones that I find intellectually or informatively stimulating. Feel free to suggest others.

*The Globe and Mail
National Post
National Newswatch
*BBC News
Financial Times UK
The Guardian
The Daily Telegraph
*The New York Times
The Washington Post
*The Economist
The Wall Street Journal
Foreign Policy
Foreign Affairs
People’s Daily
South China Morning Post
The Times of India
*Le Monde
El Pais
Al Jazeera
Russia Today

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