Those who have really done most to spread these ideas, the real bearers of constructivist rationalism and socialism, are, however, not these distinguished scientists. They rather tend to be the so-called `intellectuals’ that I have elsewhere unkindly called professional `second-hand dealers in ideas’: teachers, journalists and ‘media representatives’ who, having absorbed rumours in the corridors of science, appoint themselves as representatives of modern thought, as persons superior in knowledge and moral virtue to any who retain a high regard for traditional values, as persons whose very duty it is to offer new ideas to the public – and who must, in order to make their wares seem novel, deride whatever is conventional. For such people, due to the positions in which they find themselves, `newness’, or `news’, and not truth, becomes the main value, although that is hardly their intention – and although what they offer is often no more new than it is true.

-F.A. Hayek, The Fatal Conceit

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