Deconstructing Socialism

Taking a break from letting you read my insights and providing you with an entertaining hour of interesting critiques of popular socialist dogmas which were courtesy of your liberal education. Feel free to challenge what is said, but I’ve been exposed to so much of the other camp that such videos are refreshing!

A classic! Entertaining way to see the two major economic theories of our time!

What I find most “shocking” about this video is Naomi Klein’s assertion that the 1989 Tiananmen protests were really protests pushing for free markets, not for democratic rights and liberties. Any China scholar knows this to be blatantly false. If you read first hand accounts and documents from the protesters, the discourse that they perpetuate is for DEMOCRACY. Nowhere is it mentioned that they want free markets. It’s almost as bad as when Ann Coulter claimed that Canadian troops were sent to the Vietnam War.

A response by the articulate Lee Doren to the popular The Story of Stuff. I strongly suggest watching the original movie before watching the critique, but Doren is adept at highlighting the discrepancies in data used by Anne Leonard and debunking the assumptions that we take for granted in her video.

The morals of the story: get it right the first time and spending is bad. Makes a good point, that we often forget.

This last one is not really related to any of the above, but I find its tenets interesting. Behavioural economics is a fairly new field and I look forward to learning more about it.

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